Antenna System & Site Maintenance Service

Mid-State Communications performs a wide variety of Antenna and Site Maintenance Services.

  • Reguying & Tensioning

  • Lighting system service: Beacon, strobe and LED

  • Antenna system repair & upgrades

  • Antenna & line sweeping

  • Passive Intermodulation (PIM) testing

  • Grounding system testing & repair (Motorola R56 certified)

  • Fiber Testing

Tower Site Maintenance - Ground testing   
  • Equipment shelter repair
  • Electrical repair
  • Generator service
  • HVAC service
  • UPS service
  • Battery maintenance and replacement
  • Alarm system
  • Snow plowing access roads
  • Pest removal
Tower Site Maintenance - Battery maintenance Tower Site Maintenance

Please contact us with your requirements and we can give you a quote to help you with your tower site maintenance needs.

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