Antenna System Training

Mid-State Communications considers training to be an important part of our competitive edge.

Training Schools we have attended:

Andrews Teletilt training
Andrew Teletilt Certified
Commscope cable & connector training

Commscope Training School

Installation and Service of High Performance, High Bandwidth Hybrid Cables for Telecommunications.


Harger Lightning and Surge Suppression School

General installation and maintenance for Lightning Protection and Transient Surge Suppression.

Flash Technologies

Flash Technologies Factory School

Factory training on Flash Technologies Strobe Systems. This school covered Design, Installation, Theory, Troubleshooting and Maintenance.

Eupen Coax and Cable training

Eupen Transmission Line Training

Installation and of Eupen coax cable and connectors.

Rosenberger Leoni

Rosenberger LEONI

Factory training in installation and use of Rosenberger LEONI cables and connectors.

Andrews Teletilt training

Andrew Connector School

Andrew Institute Factory trainers conducted a 2 day hands on school at our facility where our Antenna Technicians learned about the latest connectors and the proper installation techniques.


Sweep Testing

Training on Anritsu's Sitemaster tester for transmission lines & antenna systems.

Passive Intermodulation Testing
Training on the use of Summitek's PIM equipment.

Motorola R-56 Grounding

Mid-State Communications is ETA - Motorola R-56 Certified.

Alcatel Lucient
Microwave Installation & Maintenance
Mid-State is Alcatel Lucient Level 3 certified for both microwave equipment and antenna systems installation
New York State
Storm Water Planning & Pollution Prevention

Asbestos Recognition School

Asbestos recognition in the work place. How to recognize asbestos, notification and reporting

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