Whelen® Campus Mass Notification Systems

Mid-State Communications is not just a Whelen® Outdoor Warning Siren dealer, weWhelen Student Alert PDF File are an authorized Whelen® Outdoor Warning Siren Master Distributor.

Alert your entire campus for any of these events:

  • Campus lockdown instructions

  • Hazmat alerts

  • Severe weather and tornado warnings

Whelen Mass Notification System Features:

  • Alert with Tone and then communicate with voice messages

  • Multi-lingual message capability

  • Battery backup - When power is out, systems are still operational

  • Integrated indoor systems available if needed

  • Systems can be zoned to alert only where you need to

  • Alert monitors for special applications

  • Visual alert Strobes for hearing impaired

  • Activation by radio system or wire line


A diverse college campus is comprised of many outdoor and indoor areas that require a way to warn students, faculty and visitors. The most effective way to do this is to issue a warning tone, followed with a clear, powerful voice message, ALERT and then INFORM. You need more than just a campus siren.


Whelen Engineering's two-step approach for a Mass Notification System is, ALERT and INFORM, eliminates confusion, restores order and ultimately saves lives. Tone-only sirens fail to inform. The diverse populace of a college campus will not know what to do without the ability to inform.


Whelen Engineering's pre-recorded voice message capability is unmatched. Distortion-free voice messages, pre-recorded at the factory in studio like conditions, optimized for power and clarity.


Voice messages as well as musical renditions of various lengths can be recorded in digitally formatted audio for crystal clear reproduction and intelligibility. Digital voice recordings in multiple languages.


Instant communication with portions of the campus or all-campus alerting, indoors and out.


Live public address. Deliver critical communication specific to the event with the use of a microphone at the emergency operations center.


Every campus is different. A campus alert warning system can be customized to meet your needs.


Whelen Engineering's and Mid-State's approach to warning the public is serious business. We will not compromise on quality. Unlike any other campus alert system manufacturer, Whelen Engineering's products are designed, preassembled, pre-wired and tested at their facility to ensure product quality and reliability.


WPS2900 Series (voice capable)Whelen Omni Warning with VoiceWhelen WPS2900 Series PDF File Outdoor Warning Siren System

  • Omni-directional Warning System

  • Voice capable

  • Output 109dB to 129dB at 100'

  • 6 distinct tones standard

  • Aesthetic, aerodynamic design intended to blend into a campus background

Indoor Warning: IPS400/800Whelen IPS400/800 PDF File

Indoor tone and voice alerting system

  • Same functionality as our outdoor warning siren system

  • Warning tones and pre-recorded voice or public address available in multiple languages

  • Siren tones and voice warning are distributed to individual speakers within a building

  • Interface with current existing intercom/public address system.

  • Interface with Whelen Outdoor Warning Siren System.

  • Wide variety of Speaker options

Alert Monitors: VA2000

  • Provides instant information defining the emergency condition, alerting through a piercing alarm, and displaying a pre-programmed message

  • Displays up to 60 messages

  • Used in administration buildings, offices and classroomsWhelen WPS2900 Series PDF File




Visual Warning Products for Mass Notification Systems Whelen Visu-alert - clcik to see in action

Visual Alert IndoorVisual Alert


As with any community, a college campus has a population of hearing-impaired individuals. Whelen Engineering has both indoor and outdoor products that aid in warning those individuals through a visual signal that can be operated in conjunction with the sirens.




System Controllers/EncodersWhelen E747 Controller


Base station equipment at the heart of Whelen Engineering's mass notification system products are fast, reliable, one-way and two-way control and status monitoring products.


Whelen E747 Controller PDF File


The Whelen® COMM/STAT™ 10/14 communication protocol is used for both our one and two-way products. DTMF signaling is standard, but other formats are available.


Whelen E2010 Controller PDF FileWhelen E2010Controller


Whelen® Outdoor Warning Sirens are designed and proudly manufactured in the USA!!


Whelen Engineering's Outdoor Warning Siren systems will perform as specified within theFEMA Guide Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) CPG-1-17, Guidance for Outdoor Warning  Siren Systems.


A Mid-State Communication's Outdoor Warning Siren or High Power Voice System Specialist can call or meet with your organization to design a specific Outdoor Warning Siren System or Voice Outdoor Warning System that meets your needs.

As a Master Distributor we can provide a turnkey price with installation or we can work with your local electrical contractor or radio dealer.

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