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Mid-State Communications was appointed a Motorola Service Station (MSS) in 1957.


Mid-State Communications has achieved the highest level of certification by Motorola and has been appointed a Motorola Service Elite Specialist.

Motorola Service Elite Specialist

The Motorola Motorola Service Elite Specialist is the highest level of service relationship. It represents the greatest level of Motorola/Servicer agreement and interdependence. Motorola Servicers who attain this level have demonstrated consistent capabilities in performance, personnel and commitment to Motorola products and services.



Although others can service and maintain Motorola equipment and systems, a Motorola Premier Service Partner has many advantages.

  • Close working relationship with Motorola

  • Motorola Factory training

  • Access to Motorola Service Bulletins

  • Access to Motorola support personnel

  • Access to Motorola engineering services

  • We can provide authorized warranty service on all Motorola communications products even if purchased from others.

  • We can maintain systems under a Motorola maintenance contract.

Motorola Service Elite Specialist

Larry Price, ETA certified Technician

 Below are a few of the requirements to obtain the Motorola Service Elite Specialist designation by Motorola.

  • ETA Certified Technicians: Motorola requires 75% of all our technicians have ETA certification. We have 100% of our technicians ETA certified.

  • Certified Service Center Certification. This is a independent organization with its own set of requirements for certification.

  • Unequaled Customer Service Response for Mission Critical Networks

  • Provide to Motorola proof of calibration of all test equipment on a ongoing basis.

  • A high level of technician training certification on Motorola Systems


Certified Service CenterCSC Brochure

Mid-State Communnications is a Certified Service Center

Each approved CSC exhibits specific business practices designed to help promote a continuous strong emphasis on quality service and customer satisfaction.

An approved CSC has undergone an extensive review of their management and customer service policies, dress code, adherence to federal and local regulations, insurance coverage and technician qualifications to assure that you the customer experience the best quality of service on your product that is available today.

What are the benefits from doing business with a Certified Service Center?

  • Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

  • Nationally Certified TechniciansCSC Web Link

  • Nationally Certified Customer Service Personnel

  • Nationally Certified Service Manager

  • Verification of Good Business Practices

  • Written Warranty and Customer Service Policies

  • Industry Approved Equipment

  • Professional Appearance

  • Insurance Coverage

  • Code of Conduct


Electronics Technician Association Certification

ETA Certified Technicians: Dave Petrie ETA certified Master Technician, left and Chuck Roberts ETA certified Senior Technician right


From the ETA web site:ETA Web Link

"Founded in 1978, the Electronics Technicians Association, International is a not-for-profit, professional association promoting excellence in electronics technologies through certifications. The association’s initiatives are to provide a prominent certification program of competency criteria and testing benchmarks that steers international electronics standards and provides renowned professional electronics credentials."

"An ETA certification signifies that the holder has demonstrated professional proficiency and has the technical knowledge and skill to meet international electronics industry standards."

100% of Mid-State Communications technicians are ETA certified.  We have technicians at the Master, Senior, Journeyman and Associate levels.

Not only are our technicians certified with ETA core competencies but they are also certified on specific Motorola areas of specialization that carry their own ETA certification. For example we have technicians that are ETA certified on Motorola 7.x P25 digital communications systems and certified on Motorola R56 Grounding Standards.

This is in addition to the regular Motorola factory training, regional Motorola training and Motorola online training that our technicians participate in as a Premier Service Partner.

What does all this certification do for you as a customer?

Motorola test equipment and radio circa 1950's - 1960's

The IP based digital communications systems being installed today are "not your grandpa's" type of radio system. The days of tapping a tube with the handle of screw driver while listening to the radio and looking at a test set meter are over.

These new systems require a technician with a much more extensive background in not only the old basics of Analog Communications systems, RF theory, Antenna systems, Receiver theory, Transmitter theory, Power Supply theory, Tone Signaling and so on but also in TDMA and FDMA Digital Communications systems, Internet Protocol (IP) based communications systems, Routers and File Servers, T-1 circuits, Digital Microwave and so on.

The test equipment required to service these new digital communications systems has also evolved requiring an additional level of understanding on the part of the technician.

So basically instead of needing a "Radio Tech" to service and maintain the modern communications system, you need a Communication Network Systems Technician.

The certification process by Motorola, CSC and ETA provides a nationally standardized qualification process that proves to a customer that not only are the servicer's technicians competent to service these new systems but also that the service company itself is organized, structured and capable of the challenge.

Mid-State Communications is proud of its Motorola Service Elite Specialist appointment and thanks our technicians, and other service personnel, for the dedication, commitment and rigorous effort that they have put forth to become certified so that we can better serve our customers.

Motorola Original Parts

Mid-State Communications uses only Motorola Original Parts. This insures your radio equipment will be serviced using factory designed parts with the original factory designed quality.



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