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Whelen® Outdoor Warning Sirens

Mid-State Communications is not just a Whelen® Outdoor Warning Siren dealer, we are an authorized Whelen® Outdoor Warning Siren Master Distributor.

Mid-State Communications and Whelen Engineering offer High Power Voice and Outdoor Warning Siren Systems to meet every need:


  • Tornado & Severe Weather Warning Sirens

  • Dam or Levee Failure and Tsunami Alert Sirens

  • Industrial, Chemical & Nuclear Facilities Sirens

  • Military Base Operations

  • Community Firehouse  Sirens

  • College Campus Evacuation & Security Instruction System via voice

  • Hazardous Materials Warning Sirens

  • Civil Defense & Terrorist Alert Sirens

  • Campus Mass Notification Systems


Voice is the sound of the future!


With a voice outdoor warning siren or mass notification system, you can get your warning message, instantly to the people involved.

Dialing systems take too long! Notify everyone at once with a Whelen® Mass Notification System!


Mid-State Communications began serving the needs of the public safety community  54 years ago. Whelen Engineering designed the first electronic siren 30 years ago. Unlike other companies Mid-State Communications and Whelen Engineering have staying power. This gives you the piece of mind that your investment in your outdoor warning siren or high powered voice warning system will be viable for years to come.


A Mid-State Communication's Outdoor Warning Siren System Specialist will meet with your organization to design a system that meets your needs. We have successfully installed outdoor warning siren systems across the Northeast.


Not sure if your needs will change in the future? Whelen® Outdoor Warning Sirens have a  modular design allows you the ability to upgrade and change your outdoor warning siren system as your needs change.

Service & Support

Mid-State Communication's service technicians and Whelen Engineering's technical support staff stand behind what we sell. From installation to repair and maintenance, help is just a phone call away.


Whelen Engineering's user direct warranty is the best warranty in the outdoor warning siren manufacturing industry.


Mid-State Communications, as a partner with Whelen Engineering, offers technical and consulting support, both pre-sale & post-sale.


We stand ready to help you with your Outdoor Warning Siren needs.


For nearly half a century, Whelen Engineering has provided life saving high power voice and warning siren devices for military, industrial and public situations. Whelen takes pride in their reputation for innovative design. Whelen’s goal is to offer you field-proven, reliable and effective Outdoor Warning Siren systems that will give you superior performance, year after year.


Whelen® Outdoor Warning Sirens are designed and proudly manufactured in the USA!


Whelen Outdoor Warning Siren systems will perform as specified within the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) CPG-1-17, Guidance for Outdoor Warning Systems.

A Mid-State Communication's Outdoor Warning Siren or High Power Voice System Specialist can call or meet with your organization to design a specific Outdoor Warning Siren or Voice Warning System that meets your needs.

As a Master Distributor we can provide a turnkey price with installation or we can work with your local electrical contractor or radio dealer.

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