Whelen® Campus Mass Notification System Customers

What Colleges use Whelen® Campus Mass Alerting Systems provided by Mid-State Communications?

Whelen Outdoor Warning Siren System - Skidmore College WPS2903Skidmore College communicates with a Whelen® Campus Mass Notification System

Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs NY, has purchased a Whelen® WPS2903 Mass Notification system from Mid-State Communications & Electronics to enhance campus safety.




This multi hazard alerting system is being purchased to alert by voice, college faculty, staff and students of emergencies and other situations on and around the campus that require immediate notification and action.


Mohawk Valley Community College alerts with a Whelen® Outdoor Warning Siren

 Whelen Outdoor Warning Siren System - MVCC Warning Siren

Whelen Outdoor Warning Siren System - MVCC Siren Control unit











Mohawk Valley Community College has chosen Mid-State Communications to provide a Whelen® solution for its new campus warning system. In the event of an emergency an alert tone will be sounded followed by a digitally recorded or live message instructing students and staff what to do. The MVCC campus will be covered with one WPS2902 Warning System placed on top of the Information Technology Theater. The system is activated by radio control from multiple sites on campus.

Cornell University boosts safety with a Whelen® Campus Mass Notification System


Whelen Outdoor Warning Siren System - Mass Warning Notification SystemWhelen Outdoor Warning Siren System - Omni Alert System at Cornell


This Ivy League university now has improved safety with a Mid-State Communications designed, Whelen® Campus Alerting System. The Whelen® Campus Warning system is comprised of 4 strategically located Tone and Voice units 


You can see the pattern here, more than just a plain campus siren is required for campus safety, voice instructions needed.


Whelen Omni Voice Warning SirenWhelen Outdoor Warning Siren System

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute chooses a Whelen® Solution from Mid-State Communications

RPI WPS2910 Tone and Voice Warning System

RPI is improving campus safety with the addition of a Whelen® Outdoor Warning Siren from Mid-State Communications. The system supplements the existing text messaging system. It consists of 3 Whelen WPS2905 and 1 WPS2910 Tone and Voice Electronic Sirens.


This system can provide voice announcements and tone warnings and is a two way system providing remote diagnostic feedback and silent testing.
Whelen Outdoor Warning Siren System - Whelen WPS2905Whelen Outdoor Warning Siren System - RPI WPS2910


The advantage of a voice Whelen® Outdoor Warning Siren  is, clear instructions can be immediately propagated to people outside without the long delay associated with dialing systems or email text messaging systems.

When the need is for immediate communication to a large number of people outside, no other technology is better than a Whelen® Outdoor Warning Siren.

Ithaca College warns with a Whelen® Outdoor Warning Siren ystem

Ithaca College is using a Mid-State Communications supplied Mass Notification System for notifying students and staff of emergency conditions.

Whelen WPS2900 at Ithaca CollegeIthaca College






Two sites using the Whelen WPS2900 Series will provide the college campus with tone and voice warning which will help keep people informed in both the north campus which includes the majority of the academic buildings and sports fields as well as the south campus including playing fields and the newer residence housing area.


Herkimer County Community College also Chooses a Whelen® System


Mid-State Communications provided a Whelen Engineering solution to boost their campus alerting systems.


HCCC Omni Warning System by WhelenA quote from their web site, "Herkimer County Community College considers communication during an emergency situation an important part of its overall Crisis Plan.  Currently HCCC uses several ways to communicate with students, faculty and staff; including email, NY-Alert, College Web Site, and now an emergency siren located on the top of the Physical Education Building."


Email and phone dialing systems are an important part of any campus safety program but it must be remembered that these methods take valuable time to propagate through to the recipient. In a crisis, minutes can prove disastrous, speed is critical and a Whelen Campus Safety system can be activated and heard and seen in a matter of seconds

Hamilton College Siren Installation
Hamilton College improves campus safety with a Whelen® Outdoor Warning System


Hamilton College Siren Installtion













Mid-State Communications designed a Whelen® Outdoor Warning Siren System consisting of 3 WPS2902 voice and tone units. This system provides outdoor coverage of their 350 acre campus.

The system was designed to be activated from a fixed location or, in the event that location is impractical to use during an emergency, from a mobile controller. The control system includes two-way diagnostic feedback and WHELEN’s Si-Test feature, which allows Hamilton College to silently test the system without disturbing the campus or having to visit each site.

“The outdoor warning system is just one part of our multi-layered campus emergency notification plan,” said Director of Campus Safety Fran Manfredo, “and we are extremely satisfied with the final product. Obviously, no one wants to think about having to use any type of emergency notification system, but Hamilton has taken the necessary steps to protect our students, faculty and guests in the event of an emergency. Mid-State Communications, as our supplier, was involved from the design stage to final testing and helped to make the process as simple as possible.” 


A Mid-State Communication's Outdoor Warning Siren or High Power Voice System Specialist can call or meet with your organization to design a specific Outdoor Warning Siren or Voice Warning System that meets your needs.


As a Master Distributor we can provide a turnkey price with installation or we can work with your local electrical contractor or radio dealer.


Whelen® Outdoor Warning Sirens are designed and proudly manufactured in the USA!!


Whelen Engineering's Outdoor Warning Siren systems will perform as specified within the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) CPG-1-17, Guidance for Outdoor Warning Siren Systems.


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