Whelen® Outdoor Warning Siren for Severe Weather, Hazmat, Flooding and Tornado Alerting

Mid-State Communications is not just a Whelen® Outdoor Warning dealer, weWhelen Student Alert PDF File are an authorized Whelen® Outdoor Warning Master Distributor.

As a distributor we can sell directly to the end user or to a reseller such as your local radio dealer,  electrician or a systems integrator.


A natural disaster or severe weather can occur at any time. While regular tone only sirens can do the job, consideration should be given to a voice option that can ALERT and then INFORM. Tourists, visitors and others may not understand the significance of a tone only siren even if the local populace has been trained on the meaning of certain types of tones.


 The most effective way to alert everyone is to issue a warning tone, followed with a clear, powerful voice message . .


Whelen Engineering's two-step approach, ALERT and INFORM, eliminates confusion, restores order and ultimately saves lives. Tone-only sirens fail to inform. The diverse populace of a local community will not know what to do without the ability to inform.


Whelen Engineering's pre-recorded voice message capability is unmatched. Distortion-free voice messages, pre-recorded at the factory in studio like conditions, optimized for power and clarity.


Voice messages as well as musical renditions of various lengths can be recorded in digitally formatted audio for crystal clear reproduction and intelligibility. Digital voice recordings in multiple languages.


Live public address. Deliver critical communication specific to the event with the use of a microphone at the emergency operations center.


Every community is different. A community warning system can be customized to meet your needs.


Whelen Engineering's and Mid-State's approach to warning the public is serious business. We will not compromise on quality. Unlike any other community alert system manufacturer, Whelen Engineering's products are designed, preassembled, pre-wired and tested at their facility in the United States to ensure product quality and reliability.


Town of Malta, NY


Malta uses 3 Whelen Vortex R4, 129db Warning Sirens to provide the town alerting of weather and potential hazmat situations. The sirens are activated by UHF radio.


Town of Malta Outdoor Warning SystemMalta's Whelen Vortex Outdoor Warning Siren
















Schoharie County chooses Mid-State Communications for its County Wide Flood warning system


Schoharie County is using a combination of Whelen® Outdoor Warning Sirens to alert residents in the flood plain of potential flooding. In the extremely unlikely event of a dam failure or other flooding event all sirens can be set off with a single short burst "all call" via radio from the county E911 control center as well as a backup site.


Gilboa Dam Schoharie Welen Outdoor Warning Siren Coverage
Gilboa Dam Siren layout and rough coverage area


The majority of the approximately $400,000 Outdoor Warning Siren system has sirens that are tone alert but 3 sirens are voice alert. The voice alert sirens are used near camp grounds where campers may be from outside the area and not aware of the purpose of the tone alert. The voice siren will announce a prerecorded message explaining the situation and provide instructions. The siren systems are equipped with battery backup in the event of a power failure.


Steve Barrie Outdoor Warning Specialist
Steve Barrie, Outdoor Warning Specialist inspects a Whelen Siren prior to its installation.


The Flood Outdoor Warning Siren System is just one of the county's public alerting methods and is a part of its overall emergency preparedness plan. More information on this system can be found at the Schoharie County web site.


Bhutan's Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) Iridium®Based Early Warning System


A systems integrator has purchased 18 Whelen Omni OA-1 Sirens from Mid-State Communications for use in the Royal Government of Bhutan's flood warning system.


Whelen Outdoor Warning Sirens used in Bhutan


The integrator designed the sirens to operate from an Iridium satellite phone with solar and battery power.


Whelen Flood Outdoor Warning Siren system in Bhutan



Other Mid-State Communications customers using Whelen® Outdoor Warning Sirens


Village of Mannville, Alberta, Canada

County of Monongalia, West Virginia

National Electric Light and Power of Nicaragua

Honeywell for the United States Navy

Whelen® Outdoor Warning Sirens are designed and proudly manufactured in the USA!!


Whelen Engineering's Outdoor Warning Siren systems will perform as specified within theFEMA Guide Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) CPG-1-17, Guidance for Outdoor Warning Systems.



A Mid-State Communication's Outdoor Warning Siren or High Power Voice System Specialist can call or meet with your organization to design a specific Outdoor Warning Siren or Voice Warning System that meets your needs.

As a Master Distributor we can provide a turnkey price with installation or we can work with your local electrical contractor or radio dealer.

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