Antenna System & Site Grounding Service

Mid-State Communications can help you safeguard your communications system.

Proper Grounding and Lightning Protection Systems are critical if you want to protect your investment in your Communications System


Ground testing Part of a Grounding System

Proper Grounding and Lightning protection must have a total systems approach. The whole tower site must be grounded using properly designed integrated plan.

A partial list of considerations:
  • AC power protection
  • Telephone line protection
  • Antenna grounding
  • Antenna transmission line protection
    • Proper grounding of the line on the support structure
    • Proper protection at the termination
  • Proper grounding of the equipment shelter
    • Halo ground inside shelter
    • Proper equipment grounding & protection
    • Proper routing of ground wires
    • Proper bonding of all elements
  • And this is just a partial list

Mid-State Communications uses "Motorola R-56 Standards & Guidelines for Communications Sites"

We are Motorola and ETA Certified on Motorola R-56 Standards.

Some of the grounding and lightning protection products we use:
Polyphaser Cadweld Harger Lightning Protection Transtector

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