Mid-State Communications Safety Program
Mid-State Communications considers safety to be of vital importance. To this end we have developed a comprehensive safety program.

Safety Program

The center piece of the program is a in depth up to date Safety Manual which is distributed to all employees.

Weekly safety meetings, pre-job safety meetings, job hazard assessments and random site inspections re-enforce safety awareness.
100% Tie Off Policy

We have a climber 100% Tie Off policy that all climbers sign. It states our "one foot" rule. "If one foot leaves the ground you must be tied off to the structure you are climbing using the proper methods and equipment."
We have zero tolerance  with regard non compliance with our 100% Tie Off policy.

Observer Policy

Any Mid-State employee regardless of position can stop a job if they observe any safety situation. The job cannot be re-started until safety situation is resolved.

If any employee, regardless of position, observes anyone not complying with the 100% Tie Off policy, they are to immediately speak to that person to bring them into compliance. If they do not immediately comply, the observing employee is to stop the job and instantly report the situation immediately to any manager.

If any employee observes any person, including vendors, other contractors, consultants or even customers on a job site not complying with hard hat rules or any other safety procedure, the employee is required to stop the job until the safety situation is resolved.

We consider employee safety to be top priority. These policies, which are enforced, show just part of our deep commitment to our safety program.


Climbing Safety


Mid-State has ComTrain Certified Climbers and a certified Instructor on staff.


Climber Safety Training

Gene Bevers, our ComTrain Certified Instructor, teaching a class at Mid-State on "Certified Climbing Safety & Rescue" to our Technicians.

Comtrain Climber Safety Training

  Weekly Safety Meetings

Supervisors conduct weekly safety meetings with crew, pre climb safety meetings and job hazard assessments.

Fire Extinguisher Safety Training 

RF Radiation Hazard Training RF Safety

Employees are trained in RF Radiation safety. We also have personal RF monitors for those who go to potentially hazardous sites.



Driver Training


We regularly train all employees in driver safety using the "Empire Safety Council's Accident Prevention Workshop" program. This all day instructor lead course provides essential information on driver safety.



CPR Training


We have regular CPR training program at Mid-State, in Oriskany by a certified instructor.

CPR Training at Mid-State Communications

Drug Free Workplace  

Mid-State Communications has an aggressive Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace program. This program includes drug and alcohol testing for all new hires and a random testing program for those in safety sensitive job classifications.


Safety Day:

In addition to the regular safety training meetings we have one day a year where we shut down all work and all employees, management, technicians, climbers, staff and office workers all attend Safety Day. This all day event reinforces all safety programs and allows in depth training on rotating topics.

In July 2011 we will have our sixth annual Safety Day.
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